Los Naranjos CG. Development towards excellence.

Not only members can play in this golf course; the Club has chosen a mixed commercial business policy where members and external players share everyday life. In this interview, Julián Romaguera, its General Manager, tells us about this coexistence and other interior aspects at the Club.


Los Naranjos GC is a pioneer golf course on the Costa del Sol and this is a rank in itself. This golf course was designed by Robert Trent Jones Senior and it opened in 1977. Over the years, Los Naranjos has been up to its great design and thus, has hosted important golf tournaments such as the Marbella Ladies Open and the Golf Professionals Championship. Besides, it has improved maintenance and facilities year after year; as well as clients and members’ service, adapting commercialization and advertising to new technologies. This development has guided this Club to the present moment of excellence.

Apart from its public development, Los Naranjos has been equally successful internally as it has nearly 300 members who enjoy golf with people from different countries and cultures in a family atmosphere.

What are the main features of the business model at Los Naranjos GC?

Some people erroneously think that Los Naranjos Golf Club is a private club just like other neighbouring clubs. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Now, we have 298 members and we accept visitors. Probably, the best way to make a reservation is to book online where you can find the best fees and first-hand information. Club shares on sale are also available.

What nationality are most of your members?

Traditionally, we have had a majority of Swedish members. However, I have to say that our club is becoming more international and diversified and we want to welcome players from all over the world.

The latest news about Los Naranjos GC is that a Member Relations Manager is going to be hired. What is the main objective of this position and how do you think it will affect the club?

Los Naranjos GC is one of the first clubs in Spain to integrate this position and it confirms our commitment to offer our members a different experience where they feel more welcomed, more assisted and more valued. We understand our members are our best ambassadors and we want to foster the sense of belonging to our name. This new position will play a leading role as we will have daily contact with our members.  It will be a link between members and the club and he/she will be responsible for integrating and assisting new members that join in.

Los Naranjos offers many tournaments throughout the year. In what way are they different from those offered in other clubs?

In recent years we have organized a tournament calendar oriented towards members and external participants and whenever it is possible, we offer different playing categories. There is always a Tournament for couples and ladies only that will be held on 8th March (International Women Day). We also have our traditional Los Naranjos Trophy. It is not only the most exciting amateur tournament in Europe but it also promises to have the best welcome packs and prizes in its 27 years’ history. I remind you it will take place on 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th April.

What other areas will Los Naranjos be working on in 2020?

Regarding the club, we will continue to develop the basis we established four years ago. We need to improve golf course conditions year after year and we should aim to look for excellence in everything we do. In addition, we will improve our marketing policies, new tournaments and social events as well as assist our corporate members.


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