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Juan Jesús Quirós is a professional journalist and a golfer in his heart. After taking over several radio and television sport and golf programs, he joins the Ona Hotels staff team as the new Golf and Sports Manager & Business Developer.

Juan Jesús Quirós, Golf and Sports Manager & Business Developer Ona Hotels
Juan Jesús Quirós, Golf and Sports Manager & Business Developer Ona Hotels

In this interview, Juan Jesús Quirós tells us about how the Ona Hotels chain has created Ona Golf and thus, is committed to developing and improving a hotel variety that fulfils golf players’ needs and to providing the ideal environment to complete their golf experience.

Ona Hotels group has an initial portfolio that includes 38 hotels; eight of these hotels offer golf packages in consolidated destinations such as the Costa Brava, the Costa Blanca, Mallorca, the Canary Islands and the Costa del Sol. The chain’s road map includes a commitment to fostering golf and sports as well as consolidating the Ona Hotels brand and positioning the chain as a tourism reference.

You are a professional journalist. Tell us about your professional career.

Golf has been part of my life since I can remember. There are photos in my parents’ house when I was 14 months old and I was already practicing my swing; this has left a mark on me. I have a degree in Journalism from Malaga University in 2006. Since then, I started a professional career at Canal Sur Radio and TV where sport news became part of my daily life. My obsession to bring golf to the general public reached its peak when I started a golf section called “El Pelotazo” on the radio and then on Andalucía TV. In 2017 I was hired as the Movistar Golf Director where we implemented a content and social media strategy that put ourselves at the forefront of the platform. However, I have always taken new challenges and when Ona Hotels called me; I took the possibility of developing a project at home that I could make a growing business. So here I am. I am committed to sport and tourism as I consider they both share common things: you can enjoy spending money with your family and friends in unique places.

My training is not only focused on this concept. I have always considered knowledge and updating as key elements in any professional career and even more in this industry. In 2008 I finished my Master’s in Golf Course Direction and Management from EADE University as well as my English studies. Learning must be the basis of any occupation especially in times of continuous change. Moreover, I am not only passionate about golf, a sport that I have been practicing since I was 14 months old but also about teaching sports as I have a Diploma as Advanced Academic Sport Trainer specialized in football.

Ona Valle Romano Rest y Club Golf
Views from one of the rooms in Ona Valle Romano.

What is your position in the Ona Hotels Group?

I am the Golf and Sports Manager & Business Developer at Ona Hotels. In this position I try to contribute with my acquired knowledge of sports and golf and thus, create the best possible experience for our guests-players so they enjoy every minute of a unique stay. This department’s leitmotiv aims to offer a comprehensive experience for your stay.  Ona Hotels want to highlight the possibility of practicing a sport variety that includes football, rugby, triathlon, cycling and golf, of course. In conclusion and as a sum up, I would say that guests who choose our hotels to enjoy practicing a sport only need to focus on enjoying the experience.

Ona Group has hotels in some of the most touristic places in Spain. However, despite the distance between different areas, what is the hotel variety offered by Ona Hotels?

Ona Hotels is one of the high growth hotel chains in recent years. The company’s expansion plan includes about forty hotels as the number of hotels offered now. However, we keep working so we can include a higher number of hotels at the end of 2020.

This hotel vision is based on family and friends’ stay to enjoy quality comprehensive experiences. We aim to make sure our guests’ main worry is just enjoying their chosen sport activity and concerning golf, we are present in the best golf areas on the Mediterranean coast and in the Canary Islands.

Our hotels are located in important golf places such as Costa Brava, Costa Blanca, Mallorca, the Canary Islands and the Costa del Sol. Thus, our commitment to offer the best golf variety together with our hotels lead us to have specific hotel packages for golf that include the possibility of playing in 90% of golf courses located near your hotel. Thus, guests’ main concern would just be enjoying their stay as Ona Golf organizes everything else: shuttle, tee times, accommodation, etc.  Our main objective is providing an experience that you can enjoy intensely at Ona Hotels.

Ona Hotels Valle Romano
Ona Hotels Valle Romano

How many hotels do you have in Malaga?

In the Malaga area we have five accommodation complexes located between Nerja and Estepona that includes Ona Valle Romano Golf & Resort. All these hotels have a clear golf influence and as an example, I can mention that North and Centre European golf players choose Ona Hotels as the ideal place to stay in different seasons. At our hotels you can often see golf club bags that come from different distant countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Austria or Australia.

At Ona Hotels we want to provide our guests with a unique experience adapted to their needs. Bena Vista, Campanario and Ona Alanda in Marbella are some of our hotels in the Malaga province. Ona Alanda deserves a special mention as it is located in Elviria, one of the most beautiful areas in Marbella, next to some of the most interesting golf designs and just a few metres’ away from the best leisure facilities on the Costa del Sol. This is a unique place for an incomparable experience.

Ona Hotels Valle Romano
Juan Jesús Quirós (izquierda) y José Antonio Ruda Rodríguez, Golf Guest Experience (derecha)

What are the company’s future plans regarding golf?

We have a very clear plan: we want to fulfill our guests’ needs. Clearly, Ona Golf is undergoing a time of expansion and golf players’ needs are a basic objective on our road map. Our knowledge of golf is basic to achieve this. We have special agreements with the best golf courses and thus, Ona Golf is the perfect choice to plan your next holiday or short stay. Our experience in hotels and F&B is an added asset to provide a comprehensive experience with family and friends that includes the best guaranteed products on the market. We include activities that satisfy the needs of all family members so that they can enjoy unique stays and experiences at Ona Hotels.




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