Santana Golf. Perfect harmony

Santana Golf
Santana Golf

Santana Golf is a symbol of design, maintenance condition, customer service and good commercial policies. The philosophy behind this golf course is based on these four important principles than join together in perfect harmony and thus, is the basis of one of the most successful concepts in golf.

Santana golf has been opened for 15 years since 2004. It is still one of the most successful golf courses amongst players as it is as attractive as it was fifteen years ago and due to personalized customer service and excellent golf course maintenance it still fascinates golf players worldwide.

This itinerary is located on the hillside of the picturesque village of Mijas, in the area known as Entrerríos. Cabell B. Robinson’s design is set in 6,200 metres of extraordinary beauty that naturally integrates in its surroundings and it is untouched by the maelstrom of the housing market. Santana Golf features an extensive variety of holes and wide fairways that stretch along a natural fertile undulating valley with strategically located bunkers and perfectly outlined greens. The distance between greens and tees is short as the flat orography of the ground is perfect for easy walks. Santana Golf is technically speaking a demanding course as the unique design of each hole is intended to give a continuous challenge, even for the more experienced player.

Santana Golf
Santana Golf

Its faultless 18 holes and its extraordinary customer service make Santana Golf a leading reference golf course

This golf course has a very attractive commercial policy with dynamic rates which include Early Bird sessions in the morning, Twilight Golf in the afternoons as well as during their Prime timetable. Likewise, 8 or more players’ bookings enjoy a special rate for groups. Besides, children are also given special preference in the club during the school holiday.

Its faultless 18 holes and its extraordinary customer service make Santana Golf a leading reference golf course and the perfect example of how any planned objective can be achieved when you have an exceptional product and the commitment to the highest standards of customer service.


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