Swedish Connection, at Los Naranjos Golf Club


What made you choose to come to Spain and Los Naranjos?
Rebecca has been here before and she talked very well about the club! When we stared talking about training camp possibilities this was a natural choice!

What´s the goal with this stay?
Since the climate is so cold in Sweden in March we wanted to go to warmer latitudes. To be able to play and train in good conditions, on a golf course in great shape and with sunny weather is wonderful! We are here to get in top shape for the season.

You have played with our ladies and also participated in the ”Friday Golf”. How was that?
Perfect! It was lovely to play with the members. You notice that Los Naranjos has a delightful club feeling! Everybody is very nice and we feel welcome here which we appreciate very much.


What do you think about the training facilities at Los Naranjos?
The absolutely best in the neighborhood, good, long range, nice putting greens and it will be even better when the plans of wedge zone start.

In which tour will you participate this season?
Rebecca och Julia in the Ladies European Tour. Lisa, Erika och Sandra in Letaccess. (under tour of the LET).

What are your goals this season?
We all have individual goals, but together we of course want to improve as much as possible and play the LET next year.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves!
We are five girls who got to know each other through the golf. We have trained and played together around Europe for many years. You are welcome to visit our homepages to read more about us: www.sandracarlborg.com www.lisaanderson.se www.juliadavidsson.se www.erikaholmen.blogspot.se www.rebeccasorensen.se
You have spent several weeks in Spain, how is the language working out?
Well, we understand some things, but the conversation is dificult, we don´t remember that much from our high school Spanish.

Five quick ones!!!

Fade or draw? Fade (Sandra & Rebecca) Draw (Lisa, Julia & Erika)
Driver or putter? Drive (Sandra) Putter (Lisa, Rebecca, Erika & Julia)
Skirt or shorts? Skirt (All)
Wind or rain? Wind (Sandra, Lisa) Rain (Rebecca, Erika & Julia)
Spain or Sweden? Spain in winter and Sweden in summer (All)


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